Riverfest Ice Cream Sales - Seaford, DE
Saturday, July 9, 2011

The set up crew, Bill Stubbs and Ken Ryder, were finished around 4pm with the intention of staying open until 11 pm as scheduled. However a thunderstorm closed us down around 7:30 pm and the event shut down for the rest of Friday evening. Bill Stubbs, Ken Ryder, Michelle Melvin & Kari Edwards were the dipping crew for the evening. We re-opened the trailer on Saturday morning at 9am. as scheduled. The day was to be basically divided into 3-4 hour shifts to cover the total 12 hours from 11am to 11pm. The members working during the three shifts for whole day were Betty Ann Walters, Diana Rosengren and Cindy Evans from the auxiliary. Then Brent Schoof, Chuck Welch, Amber DeCarlo, Ashley Webb, Taylor Webb, Parry Evans, Bill Stubbs and Ken Ryder made up the rest of the duty crew. It should be noted that both Brent Schoof and Chuck Welch volunteered to work in the dunking booth for the Nanticoke Rotary Club to help them raise money also. GREAT JOB!!! THANKS TO ALL OF YOU FOR MAKING THE WEEKEND A HUGE SUCCESS!!!

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